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West Coast Pink (Skookum Canned Cannabis)


AAAA | Indica Dominant | 26% THC | 0.5% CBN | LSO

West Coast Pink (Skookum Canned Cannabis)
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The return of the dank. That bomb OG with the West Coast Pink stank.

Old schoolers, kush heads, and all those with preposterous tolerances step right up – we’ve got the medicine. This exemplary Pink Kush pheno is the very definition of Chronic. That classic gassed-up, knock-your-socks-off type cultivar to smoke yourself senseless with.

Here’s another stellar living soil offering to fawn over. Buds are thick, dense, and completely covered in resin. Sticky icky with an impeccable cure. Low temps in glass jars for two weeks to crank flavour and smoothness up to 11.

Bury your nose in this high-grade sensimilla and take a deep breath, welcome to the dank side. Deeply aromatic with earthy and fuel-forward top notes, accompanied by undertones of cedar, lacquer and spice. Flavour comes through faithfully and endures to the final puff. Burns to clean, near-white ash.

The West Coast, where mountain meets ocean. Synonymous with high prices and a populace somehow even higher.

Aroma: Fuel, Earth, Dank
Effects: Relaxing, Soothing, Enduring
Medical: Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Nausea

Skookum Cannabis are a collective of highly experienced farmers. Flower is dried in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. After this, cold curing takes place for a minimum of 14 days. The result is a more pronounced and robust terpene profile and the finest representation of the strain. Respecting the land, air, sea and the first nations of our west coast, we are proud to offer the fruits of our labour, Skookum Cannabis.

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3.5g, 14g


Skookum Canned Cannabis

West Coast Pink (Skookum Canned Cannabis)

5 reviews for West Coast Pink (Skookum Canned Cannabis)

  1. Ryker (verified owner)

    Such a delicious strain to smoke. I taste creme brulée amidst the earthiness. Nugs are very dense, you could get lost looking at them. The aromas are heavenly. Such high quality is a treat. And wow, the THC level is almost off the charts, but it’s not as troublesome as it would seem. Just a long blanketing of sweetness.

  2. Lucas (verified owner)

    This strain and strawberry jerry are top notch strains. Absolutely excellent. Perfect example of expertly grown reefer.

  3. Bryan (verified owner)

    Strawberry Jerry is by far the best strain I have come across in a long time. It doesn’t matter if you smoke or vape this strain…. Definitely worth the purchase and I will continue to purchase it as long as it is still available. 10 out of 10 in my books. Well done Skookum!!

  4. John (verified owner)

    Nothing that hasn’t been said already, stunning in every way and a must on every one’s list, get some!

  5. Kevin (verified owner)

    This is second time I ordered White Wedding and this time I like it even more. I love the flavor and it does what I need right now. Not too heavy head buzz. Feeling relaxed and ready for the rest of the day.

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