Wedding Cake (Headwater Cannabis)


AAAA | Hybrid | 23-25% THC | 0.5% CBD | LSO

Wedding Cake (Headwater Cannabis)
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This exquisite blend is achieved by crossing the renowned Triangle Kush and Animal Mints strains, resulting in a cannabis experience that caters to the refined tastes of connoisseurs.

🌿 Crafted with precision and care, our Wedding Cake is cultivated indoors, ensuring optimal quality and consistency. With a remarkable THC level ranging from 23% to 25%, this strain delivers a potent and blissful experience. Its distinctive physical characteristics, resembling pine trees with dense, frosty, dark green leaves adorned with a lavish display of orange hairs, make it a visual masterpiece.

🌬️ Perfect for addressing various health concerns, Wedding Cake is particularly beneficial for patients dealing with depression-associated syndromes, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and related symptoms. While it may exhibit sedative properties, it excels in soothing nerves and managing anxiety-induced symptoms without compromising focus and energy levels.

👃 Our Wedding Cake boasts an alluringly sweet aromatic essence and a delectable fruity flavor reminiscent of cherry pie, creating a sensory delight for the discerning palate. Ideal for the cannabis connoisseur seeking a sophisticated and indulgent experience, this strain serves as both a calming agent and appetite stimulator.

🚀 Indulge in the luxury of our Wedding Cake strain, celebrated for its sugary taste, high potency, and exquisite aesthetics. Elevate your cannabis experience with a blend designed for the true connoisseur who appreciates the artistry of cultivation and the pursuit of unparalleled quality.

💧 Guided by mindful principles of sustainability, our founders created the heart of the Headwater Cannabis business by burying their own hands in the dirt. It has grown into a vibrant and thriving farm-to-market business focused on compliance, sustainable cultivation, high-touch cannabis distribution, and the creation of consistent and reliable consumer products.

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Headwater Cannabis

Wedding Cake (Headwater Cannabis)