Purple Kush (Koots Canna)


AAAA | Indica | 26-28% THC | 0.2% CBD | LSO

Purple Kush (Koots Canna)
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Purple Kush is a pure indica strain, meticulously crafted by crossing the widely renowned Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani strains.

🍇 Brace yourself for an extraordinary experience with Purple Kush, a highly potent strain recognized among the Top 10 Most Powerful Strains worldwide by High Times magazine. With an average THC level reaching 22%, Purple Kush delivers an immediate and uplifting euphoria, leaving users blissfully pain-free and introspective. Its soothing effects extend into a comforting body high, starting from the head and spreading gradually, inducing profound relaxation and sedation.

💫 Dive into a state of tranquil introspection as Purple Kush envelops you in its warm, numbing embrace, erasing tension and stress with remarkable efficacy. Users report a deep, restorative sleep after the euphoric peak, offering respite from conditions such as insomnia, chronic pain, nerve damage, and muscle spasms. Renowned for its therapeutic potential, Purple Kush emerges as a go-to option for those seeking relief from a myriad of ailments.

🌿 Immerse yourself in the distinctive aroma of Purple Kush, characterized by its earthy sweet grape scent reminiscent of red wine. Each inhalation unveils a symphony of fragrances, leaving a tantalizing trail of earthy sweetness lingering on the palate. Admire the vibrant neon green nugs adorned with fiery orange hairs and dark purple undertones, glistening with frosty white trichomes and sticky resin.

🌱 Purple Kush epitomizes the pinnacle of cannabis cultivation, offering a sensory journey that transcends expectations. Whether seeking relief from medical conditions or simply indulging in the pleasure of premium cannabis, Purple Kush promises an unforgettable experience filled with moments of tranquility and bliss. Embrace the allure of Purple Kush and elevate your cannabis journey to new heights of satisfaction and delight.

🌌 With a firm dedication to sustainability at its core, the founders of Koots Canna established their venture through hands-on cultivation. Beginning humbly, the company has grown into a successful farm-to-market operation, prioritizing adherence to regulations, eco-friendly farming techniques, personalized cannabis distribution, and the crafting of dependable, top-notch consumer goods.

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Koots Canna

Purple Kush (Koots Canna)


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