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Hash Rosin (Rain City Farms)


Contains: 1 Gram

Hash Rosin (Rain City Farms)
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Live Rosin is a passion of ours, and we truly believe it is one of the cleanest and most enjoyable ways to consume cannabis. The plant is chopped and frozen while still alive, processed through an ice water extraction method. Once the hash is pulled from the bags it is quickly dried and preserved at temperatures low enough that there is no oxidization throughout any point of the process. Once dried the hash is pressed with gentle heat between stainless steel plates to essentially squeeze the oils out of the glandular trichomes to create a product that we’ve come to know and love called live rosin.

At Rain City Farms we are proud of the quality of products that we put out into the market and hope to simply open the minds of the average consumer and curate an eye opening experience into the realm of the connoisseur every time you open a jar.

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Rain City Farms

Hash Rosin (Rain City Farms)

15 reviews for Hash Rosin (Rain City Farms)

  1. Tyler (verified owner)

    Nice pink taste. Dense flowers with perfect cure. A+

  2. Kevin (verified owner)

    Probably the best kush I have ever smoked, maybe one time I got kush that is this quality.

  3. David (verified owner)

    Was looking for some proper kush after being let down by a lot of things in the market recently. This one did the trick. Dank, earthy tones out of the can. Chunky, colourful buds with a good moisture level. Very smooth smoke that creeps up on you. This one is super relaxing and it seems like the CBD is aiding nicely. A great wind down/evening smoke or vape.

  4. Jackson (verified owner)

    Some of the best weed I have ever smoked.

  5. Aiden (verified owner)

    Loved the Strawberry Jerry – had to try this one. Strawberry comes through with cerebral effects lasting a long time. Excellent functional daytime meds.

  6. Charles (verified owner)

    Absolute body melt. Smells delicious, smooth vapor, can’t go wrong.

  7. Mateo (verified owner)

    Very good flavor and potency.

  8. Edward (verified owner)

    Really beautiful buds, this is easily the most purple I’ve ever seen. It’s very impressive! The smell is sweet and suggests to me a sugary orange flavour. The tin did a great job at delivering fresh product, as usual. The burn is very clean with white ash, and the effect is a very pleasant head-stone that won’t leave you anxious or grasping for straws like a haze might. I’m glad I gave it a try and will definitely keep it mind for the future.

  9. Henry (verified owner)

    Holy SHIT does this batch taste AMAZING! Burns forever too – just keeps going and going and going AAAA+

  10. Richard (verified owner)

    Beautiful dense buds. It smells and tastes as described. I’m an Indica lover and this hit the spot.

  11. Kayden (verified owner)

    Ordered 5 tins of different strains recently. This stuff stands head and shoulders above everything else and everything else is really REALLY good. This stuff is just next level for me. From the look to the smell to the taste to the high – this stuff excels. Anytime Skookum releases Animal Face I will happily be purchasing a tin. Never disappoints

  12. Henry (verified owner)

    This is second time I ordered White Wedding and this time I like it even more. I love the flavor and it does what I need right now. Not too heavy head buzz. Feeling relaxed and ready for the rest of the day.

  13. Henry (verified owner)

    Came fresh and dank with a deliciously strong strawberry fruity smell that translated beautifully to the flavor especially in a vape.This and strawberry jerry are top notch and a must try.Both are a real treat in my sticky brick and this stuff packs a punch with a nice heady cerebral buzz that is a great wake n vape strain.Left a delicious tart strawberry aftertaste for quite awhile.Nice.So glad I grabbed this stuff during the 420 sale.Love it 10/10.

  14. Nathaniel (verified owner)

    Wow, this strain delivers. Pungent and fruity when you open the tin. The nugs are dense and sticky. The sativa/indica characteristics both hit at the same time, with a perfect mix of euphoria and comfort. One of my all time favourites, with amazing medicinal relief. My only complaint is the fact they where sold out before I could order 4 more tins.

  15. Mason (verified owner)

    I got 3 big nugs in the can! Hard nugs and full of trich as well. Taste is sweet and it’s really smooth to smoke help me a lot for sleeping! Happy whit my purchase again.

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