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Black Scottie (Skookum Canned Cannabis)


AAAA | Indica Dominant | 26% THC | 0.5% CBN | LSO

Black Scottie (Skookum Canned Cannabis)
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Blaze me up, Scottie! Then puff, puff, pass – lest you bogart this shit and wind up in another dimension. This extraordinary cross of Triangle Kush x Rare Dankness #1 is a rocket ship to deep space. Once you’re this far out, you ain’t never coming back.

How’s she look, captain? Pretty damn frosty, a glitzed-out moonrock to be sure. Masterfully grown by the talented Medusa, this all-natty crop has been cold-cured to perfection. Buds are dense, well-manicured and nicely tacky on the breakdown.

Set your phazers to stun. The aromas dripping off this stuff are absolutely capturing. An otherworldly blend of chocolate wafer, mint, cream, chem, and candied lemon. But wait, there’s more. Wiggle that nose a little longer and soak in undertones of cedar, pine and dank earth. Ahhh, so good! Flavour is on warp drive. Expect thick clouds of robust smoke all the way through. Burns to soft grey ash.

Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for ignition. Black Scottie lifts off with spacy immediacy – it’s endlessly relaxing and not at all productive. Leave the rocketry to the folks in lab coats – you’ve more important matters to attend to, like laying on the couch blasted outta your gourd. Book your intergalactic vacation today!

Aroma: Sweet, Floral, Citrus
Effects: Euphoric, Relaxing, Happy
Medical: Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Nausea

Skookum Cannabis are a collective of highly experienced farmers. Flower is dried in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. After this, cold curing takes place for a minimum of 14 days. The result is a more pronounced and robust terpene profile and the finest representation of the strain. Respecting the land, air, sea and the first nations of our west coast, we are proud to offer the fruits of our labour, Skookum Cannabis.

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3.5g, 14g


Skookum Canned Cannabis

Black Scottie (Skookum Canned Cannabis)

5 reviews for Black Scottie (Skookum Canned Cannabis)

  1. Angel (verified owner)

    Wow, this strain delivers. Pungent and fruity when you open the tin. The nugs are dense and sticky. The sativa/indica characteristics both hit at the same time, with a perfect mix of euphoria and comfort. One of my all time favourites, with amazing medicinal relief. My only complaint is the fact they where sold out before I could order 4 more tins.

    choose: 14g x 1
  2. Kai (verified owner)

    Nose was a little muted but beautiful green foxtail buds on this one. Nice potent high and great for a good night time strain. Haven’t had a smoke like this one in quite awhile.

    choose: 14g x 1
  3. Phoenix (verified owner)

    Beautiful dense buds. It smells and tastes as described. I’m an Indica lover and this hit the spot.

    choose: 14g x 1
  4. Jackson (verified owner)

    Classic strawberry Jerry taste, huge nugs here, a lot more leaf comes with this bud, but I guess that’s just how it grows. An excellent sativa to start your day, but I do remember this strain being more potent…maybe it’s just my tolerance.

    choose: 14g x 1
  5. Robert (verified owner)

    I am a lover of all things Jerry. This love was not started by the infamous strawberry jerry but it was certainly invigorated by it. The jerry can is a great hybrid with most of the characteristics SJ fans will know. The smell is similar, still super fruity but there is something else happening now as well, some very impressive whiffs coming out of this tin. The effects are also very jerry-esque, you will not want to put it away. Maybe a friendlier version for those who aren’t always comfortable in the deep-sativa zone? Definitely put it at the front of your menu for the day.

    choose: 14g x 1
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