Canadian regulators to thwart illicit cannabis services with Bill C-18

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Canada has been at the forefront of cannabis legalization, creating a legal framework for both medical and recreational use. However, as with any major industry, there’s a persistent issue with the illicit cannabis market. To tackle this challenge, Canadian regulators have introduced a comprehensive legislative effort indirectly aimed at further regulating the cannabis industry and, more importantly, thwarting illicit cannabis services.

Earlier this year, in July, law enforcement agencies requested assistance from federal authorities to effectively thwart unlicensed cannabis delivery services, and it appears as if they have received approval. The largest mail-order marijuana subreddit known as CanadianMOMs, originally created in 2014, was deleted after Reddit was dealt a formal cease and desist, which suggested potential legal repercussions through noncompliance with Bill C-18.

In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Bill C-18 and its profound impact on the Canadian cannabis landscape. Additionally, we’ll explore how these regulatory changes are set to significantly reshape the industry and effectively tackle the persistent problem of illicit cannabis services.

Understanding Bill C-18

Bill C-18, unofficially known as an act to amend the Controlled Drugs & Substances Act, is a significant step in the ongoing evolution of Canada’s cannabis regulations. It addresses various aspects of the cannabis industry, from production and distribution to enforcement and penalties.

Strengthening Enforcement

One of the primary goals of Bill C-18 is, in fact, to strengthen enforcement measures. Consequently, it grants authorities significantly greater authority to investigate and prosecute illicit cannabis operations. These measures encompass increased penalties for those who engage in illegal activities related to cannabis.

Licensing and Compliance

Bill C-18 additionally prioritizes the enhancement of licensing and compliance aspects within the legal cannabis industry. By imposing stricter regulations and penalties for those who operate without proper licenses, the government aims to level the playing field between legal and illicit cannabis businesses.

Enhancing Public Safety

Moreover, public safety is a significant concern when it comes to the illicit cannabis market. Unregulated products can pose risks to consumers. Bill C-18 addresses these concerns by introducing measures to ensure the safety and quality of cannabis products on the legal market.

The impact on illicit cannabis services

We expect that Bill C-18 will profoundly impact the illicit cannabis market. By creating a more robust legal framework, it will become increasingly difficult for illicit operators to thrive. The combination of stricter enforcement, improved compliance, and enhanced public safety measures will force many illicit players out of the market.


Bill C-18 represents a significant step forward in Canada’s ongoing efforts to regulate the cannabis industry and combat illicit services. While the illicit cannabis market may persist to some extent, Bill C-18 sends a clear message: Canadian regulators are determined to protect the integrity of the legal cannabis industry.

As these regulatory changes take hold and enforcement efforts intensify, it’s likely that the illicit cannabis market will face increasing challenges. Ultimately, Bill C-18 is a vital tool in ensuring that the cannabis industry in Canada operates safely, fairly, and in accordance with the law.

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